Who are the Champion's?

Meet Omer "Champ", Misty and Omer III "Tripp". Champ's role in his railroad career has earned their family a "pro badge" in moving cross country. As a retired military veteran, Champ's Air Force experience combined with Misty's natural friendliness and outgoing personality meant a home search with detailed criteria, a timeline and a healthy dose of laughter along the way.

Having grown up in Kentucky & Texas, a home that melded their desire for family gatherings, entertaining friends, outdoor adventures, grilling & smoking meats, proximity to church and work were super important.  AND, it turns out that Tripp (at 9) is a budding "foodie".  Proximity to great restaurants (including sushi!) was a consideration as well.   

Why did you decide to buy this house?

The floor plan is very similar to the home we loved in Florida. The size, space and open area have allowed us to move right in and feel at home.  Tripp has a special love for weeping willow trees and how could we resist this sunset over our tree & community pond?



Why The Janell Stuckwisch Group?

Several of Champ's coworkers had worked with them in the past.  We appreciated their recommendation and reached out to the group. And we were so appreciative of Catherine's guidance and advice along the way.

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Champion's Top Buying Tip:

Sometimes you might need to adjust your expectations (either budget or amenities).  Focus on what's important to your family:  Our goal was to create the memories we had as children for our son.  Our hearts belong to our new Kentucky home.

Catherine's Insights

It's not very often that I have a 9 year old opening my car door for me! Tripp's inquisitive nature made the house hunt with the Champions an especially fun adventure.   Seeing all the wonderful pictures post closing and watching the Champions adapt so easily into their community is the icing on the cake!

Ready To Buy a New Home?

We're ready to embark on this journey with you, and make it unforgettable.

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