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12 Days Of Christmas

What to buy a first time home buyer this holiday season


12 Days Of Christmas - What To Buy A First Time Home Buyer

Janell Stuckwisch

Homes Sold. Dreams Made...

Homes Sold. Dreams Made...

Dec 1 5 minutes read

We've made shopping simple

The holiday season is in full swing! Parties are being planned, lists are being made, and presents are being purchased. Shopping for anyone can be difficult, especially if you're unsure of what to get. First-time homebuyers are often a group we know loved ones have a hard time shopping for because they may need so many things for their new home. A new home is where they are so excited to create new memories for years to come. You can likely guess what they'll need, but what is it that they'll actually want? 

We've created a list of the top 12 most desirable gifts for a first-time homeowner (or maybe any homeowner!) and we love them all!

12. Echo Dot

To listen to the sounds of the holidays, anyone would love an Echo Dot in their first home! Powered by Amazon, the user can ask Alexa anything, from playing their favorite music to ordering what they need for their home. 

Holiday pricing can be found online and in stores:

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(For other helpful tips on how to make a home "smart", check out our blog post about it here)

11. Essential Oil Diffuser

Holidays can be stressful. What better way to send help your loved ones relax in their first home than with essential oil diffuser? You can choose the perfect combination of essential oils that are often sold separately.

Trust us. They'll love it! 

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10. Classic Wreath

Wreaths are a staple in every home! This particular wreath can be adorned for the holidays with a red bow or can be left as is in its simple elegance on the front door to welcome guests. It can be reused all year round.

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9. Charcuterie and Cheese Board

We are all about things being Instagram worthy! Everyone loves cheese and charcuterie, too! Why not get your loved ones a gorgeous cheeseboard to display all the amazing snacks on for their first housewarming or next gathering? 

We found some beautiful options here:

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8. Vacuum

Any pet parent will tell you that a fantastic vacuum is a necessary item in their home. When it comes to first time home buyers though, they may need a heavy-duty vacuum to start off their home buying experience right. 

We found some amazing options for you to choose from at all different price points!

Shop Here

7. Cast Iron Skillet

This heavy-duty cookware offers many benefits to a first-time home buyer's kitchen. Cast iron cookware holds a longer life span than other cookware out there. It's easy to clean and you can use it in the stove and the oven alike. What's not to love?

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6. Home Tool Kit

You never know when repairs will need to be made or pictures will need to be hung, especially when you're moving into your first home. Every homeowner needs a tool kit like this one!

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5. Cocktail Shaker Set

Help your loved ones ring in the new year in their new home with a cocktail shaker set! They'll be able to create their favorite drinks, sit by the fire and create new memories in their new home.

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4. Indoor Electric Grill

Cold, snowy weather putting a damper on grilling plans? Look no further! Your loved ones will truly enjoy having grilled meat, fish and vegetables all year round with this indoor electric grill!

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3. Custom House Portrait

This gift will be one of a kind. Sure to become a treasured heirloom, friends and family can marvel over it during get-togethers. 

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2. KitchenAid 5qt. Artisan Mixer

KitchenAids are something that will last any homeowner a lifetime. Making fresh pasta or baking cookies with kids will fill a home with smells that will be remembered for years to come.  

There are many attachments that can also be added to the KitchenAid that make the experience of having this machine at home exciting!

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1. Ring Doorbell Technology

Having a smart home will enhance the level of your loved one's safety and security in their new home. With the Ring Doorbell, they will be able to monitor who is at their door before they actually get up to answer it. 

There are many other additional options to the Ring Doorbell of course, but our clients tell us this one is a must-have!

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Ready To Buy Your Dream Home Now? 

Buying a home is more than just real estate, it's your life and dreams. 

We can help you get there!

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