Getting to know MORE about Janell. 

1. Home is Where . . . ? 
Scott & Sammie are ❤️

2. What’s your pet’s name? 
Molly Dog, Sparkles (indoor princess) & Choxie (outdoor queen)

3. Most organized part of your life. 
My calendar.  Professional & personal all in one.  
If it's not there, it's not happening.

4. Least Organized part of your life.
 My desk...shhh!  I know where everything is, but no one else could make sense of it! Joyce Brink has been working on me for years, LOL!

5. Social Media Philosophy.  
If it's positive, we'll celebrate it!

6. What’s always in your home? 
Music.  Scott's always got a guitar in his hands, Sammie plays piano and when they aren't playing, we are streaming something through the speakers.

7. What’s always in your bag? 
A listing & purchase contract, pens, business cards, spearmint gum and chapstick/lipgloss

8. What’s always in your car? 
The essentials — Sunglasses, antibacterial wipes and a phone charger

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