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Why Title Insurance?

Janell Stuckwisch

Homes Sold. Dreams Made...

Homes Sold. Dreams Made...

May 15 3 minutes read

Although the Title Professional searches all records and indexes, this examination cannot protect the client from the hidden title defects such as:

    •    Forgery of Deed, Mortgage Release, etc.

    •    Deeds delivered without consent or after death of a grantor.

    •    Undisclosed heirs. 

    •    Deeds from Mental Incompetents or minors.

    •    Errors in recording documents.

    •    Discovery of a will of an apparent intestate or a later will in a testate estate. 

    •    Federal Gift or Estate Tax Liens.

    •    A false impersonation of true owner, spouse or lien holder.

    •    Documents executed pursuant to expired powers of attorney.

    •    Deeds from a corporate entity without authority.

    •    Misinterpretation of marital status.

    •    Lack of service or jurisdiction of parties in judicial proceedings.

    •    Legal descriptions apparently, but not actually adequate.

    •    Capacity and powers of foreign personal representative or trustees to act. 

    •    Assessment passed, but not yet placed on tax duplicate.

    •    Errors in tax records.

    •    Rights of common law spouses.

    •    Deeds which are actually mortgages.

    •    Deed, Mortgages, or land contracts set aside by Bankruptcy proceedings.

    •    Defective notarization.

    •    Rights of military personnel.

    •    Prescriptive rights not of record.

    •    Lack of necessary parties in judicial proceedings.

    •    Financing statements in a name of a non-owner debtor.

    •    Erroneous reports of government officials.

    •    Deeds to and from non-existent or fictitious persons.

    •    Void conveyances in violation of public policy (gambling debt, and restraint of trade).

*Additional coverage may be available for Mechanics Liens and Survey Coverage.

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