Vince Bonno
Realtor/Buyer's Agent

After 30 years working in financial services and sales, Vince embraced the opportunity to combine the skills he developed over his 1st career, with his passion for real estate.  Vince’s desire for others to succeed has always been what pushes him to deliver the best experience for everyone around him.  The key to this success is his transparency and setting proper expectations throughout the process.  Vince’s ability to keep focusing on a successful finish while concentrating on all the small details that deliver the best result for his clients is what he will bring to everyone he works with.

Getting to know MORE about Vince . . .

Home is Where . . . ? 
Peaceful chaos exists.

2. What’s your pet’s name? 
We have 2 Labradoodles (Cali and Cooper).  They are step siblings (which is obvious with how the antagonize each other) a year apart in age.

3. Most organized part of your life. 
My exercise area (casual clothes are folded nicely on the weight bench and dress clothes are hung on the treadmill.)

4. Least organized part of your life. 
My exercise area, there are clothes everywhere.

5. Social Media Philosophy 
Social media is a pivotal part of how I keep informed about family, friends, news and almost everything else.    It is an amazing tool (if used correctly) and can make everyone’s life easier.

6. What’s always in your home? 
Love and a caring attitude

7. What’s always in your (work) bag? 
Pen and paper.  You never know when you need to go “old school” and write something down for yourself or others.

8. What’s always in your car?
Reminders of my poor eating choices. (Receipts, wrappers, or the aroma of a quickly cooked treat)

9. Who makes you laugh the most?
Like most dad's I make myself laugh the most. Sometimes even on purpose.

10. What’s your go-to Karaoke tune?
Either "Sound of Silence" Disturbed or "I Was on a Boat that Day" Old Dominion

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