Scott Stuckwisch
Realtor/Buyer's Agent

Scott leverages his background in education to bring supportive patience and calm caring to clients. Always seeking to listen beyond the words to the body language and emotions. Helping them find what they want, even when they have difficulty articulating that initially. He is also our expert resource in terms of research, which he combines with his experience in property and site evaluation to deliver answers to our buyer’s questions with speed and efficiency.

Getting to know MORE about Scott.

1. Home is Where . . . ?
Wherever I can kick back, put my feet up and exhale slowly and sink into comfort.

2. What’s your pet’s name?
Molly the dog & Choxie the black critter-getter cat

3. Most organized part of your life.
My music files - chord charts and words for the guitar and songs I sing. All arranged by gig venue.

4. Least Organized part of your life.
My work desk. I’m a piler - there are piles all over the place BUT! I generally know where things are.

5. Social Media Philosophy.
It’s all about the music.

6. What’s always in your home?

7. What’s always in your bag?
Insurance cards

8. What’s always in your car?
Sunglasses, flash light, & change

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