Joyce Brink
Realtor/Contract Manager

Joyce brings her own extensive experience as an Agent in Northern Kentucky including decades of experience managing Real Estate office operations.  Thanks to smart organization combined with an expert’s creativity and speed, Joyce brings consummate caring and support to deliver the best customer experience. We affectionately refer to Joyce as the “glue” that keeps it all together!

Getting to know MORE about Joyce . . .

1. Home is Where . . . ?  
Home is where I find comfort and love with my husband and son.  

2. What’s your pet’s name?  
We don’t have a pet.  Our last pet was Annie, a German Short Haired Pointer.  She loved to run in the backyard.  It was more of a prance than a run.  She taught herself to open the doors.  The only problem with that is she never closed them.

3. Most organized part of your life.  
My bill paying drawer.  I organized it the few days I was off during the beginning of COVID.

4. Least organized part of your life.  
The kitchen junk drawer.  

5. Social Media Philosophy  
It enables me to keep in touch with family members.  

6. What’s always in your home? 
A welcoming and loving feeling.

7. What’s always in your bag?  
A half of a dollar bill.  My sister has the other half.

8. What’s always in your car? 
An umbrella & a blanket.

9. Who makes you laugh the most?
My son Billy makes me laugh the most. He has developed an incredible sense of humor while overcoming significant life challenges.  

10. What’s your go-to Karaoke tune?
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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