Jacquie Clendenin
Realtor/Buyer's Agent

Drawing upon a rich tapestry of experience spanning more than a decade as a top producing real estate partner, Jacquie doesn't just help home buyers find a house – she crafts a journey towards discovering dream homes. This isn't just about transactions; it's about championing aspirations, understanding desires, and navigating complexities. Those who've had the pleasure of her partnership often highlight her tactical precision, especially when creative solutions are needed. Yet, there's more. Jacquie, with the heart of a champion and a deep love for animals and nature, carries a radiant positivity that sees untapped potential in every situation.

Getting to know MORE about Jacquie.

1. Home is Where . . . ?
Your heart is! Where your memories are made and where you can feel most authentically YOU.

2. What’s your pet’s name?
Lola-Mini Schnauzer, Coco & Doctor- Mini poodle puppy brothers who are really criminals in cute disguises. Daisy May the calico water cat who is sweet and super sassy. Then we have Buffy, Blondie, Madonna and Sparkle Butt the hens who make our protein. We also have Diesel the Quarter Horse and Lady the 30+ year old Morgan pony! Animals and rescue have always been a big part of my life.

3. Most organized part of your life.
My bathroom! I have to know where all the accouterments are for my day to day!

4. Least Organized part of your life.
My home. Yes, I would love to say that I am HGTV ready all the time, but alas… I’m usually busy serving my clients, kids and animals instead of arranging my flowers 😂

5. Social Media Philosophy.
It isn’t gospel and usually it is only snippets of people at their best. I won’t ever sugar coat my reality, but I will have limits on what is shown. Less is best and I do believe in boundaries.

6. What’s always in your home?
A living breathing mammal and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a Mother of 4 children ranging from an oldest who has her own place to a set of triplets that still attend school so Mom’s home is always their home. I also have a lot of pets 😂

7. What’s always in your bag?
A pen, car keys and my phone. I don’t leave home without ‘em!

8. What’s always in your car?
Hand sanitizer, a measuring device, multi tool, lots of different types of chargers, jumper cables, SNACKS, tissues, toilet paper, water and if we’re lucky maybe a random sweatshirt from one of the kids!

9. Who makes you laugh the most?
As cliche as it is, I have to say my children. The jibber jabber is hilarious to the point that once they begin to giggle amongst themselves we all start and it turns into a laugh fest! My kids are pretty cool. 

10. What’s your go-to Karaoke tune?
Heads Carolina Tails California by JoDee Messina. I could name some other ones, but she has my heart! Ok, maybe a few more… Hero-Mariah Carey or All I Wanna Do-Sheryl Crow. I’m aging myself AND I got to feel like Casey Kasem for a moment.

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