Catherine Kiefer
Realtor/Buyer's Agent

Catherine specializes in assisting home buyers in finding their dream home.  She brings an outstanding set of customer service skills thanks to nearly twenty years at top creative and advertising Agencies where she successfully delivered complex projects while championing her clients’ needs and dreams. Buyers appreciate Catherine’s partnership, guidance, and support, but it’s her calm and cool hand, even when things get crazy that they love the most. She leverages her artist’s eye and design background to help her customers see a home’s possibilities as well.

Getting to know MORE about Catherine.

1. Home is Where . . . ?
You can test out the ideas you saw on HGTV!

2. What’s your pet’s name?
Princess Chloe the Siamese and Cash, her Russian Blue sidekick.

3. Most organized part of your life.
A client introduced me to book The Home Edit which recently debuted as a Netflix series all about organizing through color coding, labeling, and defining spaces. This has inspired me to organize my pantry and closet so far, and I am just getting started. Keeping it organized might be a challenge!

4. Least Organized part of your life.
My art room because there is always a project or two in progress that I work on when time allows.

5. Social Media Philosophy.
Set limits and use it for positive connection and to do good things

6. What’s always in your home?
My youngest son pointed out that our throw pillows and little tables keep multiplying. There’s just something about these things that warm up a space so nicely.  

7. What’s always in your bag?
Burt’s Bees chap stick. I am addicted to the stuff.

8. What’s always in your car?
AKA my mobile office because I do a lot of driving in my profession. Before the pandemic I would have said snacks and rain boots, but now it’s packs of disposable masks in case clients don’t have one and hand sanitizer.  

9. Who makes you laugh the most?
My youngest son, Ben. He has a great sense of humor that comes out at the most unexpected times. I find myself laughing out loud whenever I'm around him.  

10. What’s your go-to Karaoke tune?
If doing a male/female duet, it has to be Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's "Islands in the Stream". For solo karaoke performance, The Judds "Why Not Me", or anything by Patsy Cline. 

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